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Music for a new age. We asked 10 of our closest friends and collaborators to record a new song responding to the theme “energies”: the unknown, the spiritual, and the metaphysical. Intuition and the quiet psychic space we share were the guides—no other parameters dictated the result.

Inherently ambiguous, “energies” serves as a broad and mysterious force that brings kindred yet diverse people together. What fosters community between musicians? Can we cultivate alternative models of self-worth and recognition? We consider these songs to be the answer.

Not quite new age but of a new age of self-representation, Practical Records artists are using democratized technologies and tools to assert themselves in an industry that has historically excluded queer, transgender, and non-white artists. They operate in sensitive communion as collaborators and friends. They have vibrant practices as solo artists in the fields of poetry, visual art, and video production. Their live performances are raw and experimental. They practice energy work as in holistic contexts as shadow self practitioners and body work therapists. “Energies” activates these collective energies to foster a new age of performance and visibility for emergent artists.


released July 16, 2018

Artwork by Danny Espinoza. Mastered at Practical Records Studio.




Practical Records Los Angeles, California

Practical Records is an independent cassette label. Our mission is to cultivate community and exposure for emergent queer artists from the Bay Area & Los Angeles.

Since 2014, we have released an extensive catalog of music and zines. In addition, we produce concerts and DIY workshops that provide opportunities to interact with Practical Records artists.
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Track Name: Anna Luisa - Mountains Gold Rivers Green (feat. Adee Roberson)
Take my hand
Come with me
Mountains gold
Rivers green

Bluest waves
Darkest caves
Hope you find
Find a way

You can fly

Lift you up
Ancient wings
Look at all
The light you bring

Well into the night
Well into the day
Hope you find
Find a way

You can fly
Track Name: Mona Demone - No Flesh
She lives a lonely life
Most of you wont see her
Exist between the lines
Exist behind your eyes
It's a fight to be here

This is a hungry life
Most of you want to eat her
Feast on her power
Feast on her pain
I feast on this vision of you melting away

No flesh, no veins
Exist on this plane
No flesh, no veins
No need to explain

This is a lonely life
Most of you want to be her
Lipstick as armor
Earrings as shields
Eyeliner sharper than steel
As sharp as you feel
Track Name: Wizard Apprentice - Evidence
There are no records
But there is evidence
If I want to know her
I press my palms against my chest
Although I will never witness
The sum of all her qualities
Expressed as a singular person
As the only one of herself
I can still know her
With my eyes closed
When I’m quiet

This could be
The first time
In this history
Of my family line
That anyone could afford
To stop neglecting
A particular pain
A particular joy
Preserved passed down
And unexplored
Track Name: Michael Vidal - Black Bag
Dreaming down PCH
Turn to me
In the world of flame
Hang the door 
Over its head

Eliminate mystery
Black bag
Sung unto mirror selfie
Age of abuse
Look through and choose

Country of heaven
Fall to earth
I know you can
Move into light
Hey, just wait
Leanna’s on her way
Track Name: Kohinoorgasm - Waiting For You
I've been waiting for you
You are
You are you
Eye on your past
Eye on your fate
On everything
Eye on everything
Track Name: Gemma Castro - Sirena
Te oigo en la distancia...
Sirena... aquí estoy

Montañas y los mares nos dividen pero Sirena...
Aquí estoy
Aquí estoy

El aire no es libre
En tus ojos me pierdo 
Sigues al mar

El aire nos persigue 
El noche nos persigue 

Oooo Ahhhh

Sirena, nos persiguen
Sirena, nos persiguen 

Te quiero Sirena
Aquí estoy
Aquí estoy
Track Name: Julius Smack - The Real Line
Turn and face the wall
It returns in my mind
I turn and I realize
I have walked along the real line

An eternity in my mind

Just a little time
I want to be first
I turn and realize

I’m free
Track Name: Cat Mahatta - Who Cares
Don’t change
Don’t stay
Don’t trace any of my steps
Don’t lay
Don’t blame
So they can ride away from this shame

And I can’t find out why I’m a mess
I tried
And I can’t hide the scars under this dress
I don’t even want to wear

You stare
He stares
She stares (They stare)
Who cares?

If you cared you’d leave me alone
Track Name: Cheetah Girl - Submarine
When I started my transition
I didn’t want to be seen
My body and soul were still
In between
Sinking deeper and deeper
Into the depths of my self esteem
I became a girl in a submarine

Sinking deeper and deeper
Lamenting the permanence of my genes
Deep beneath the ocean screen
Eventually I swam up
Through the aquamarine
Reaching the surface
My wet body’s sheen

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