by Anna Luisa

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Anna Luisa soars in utopic hyperspace with interstellar synthscapes and optimistic songwriting in her debut solo album “Green,” an ambitious suite of shimmering summer-ready tracks that emphasize her craft as a healer, producer, and empathic collaborator.

“Green” invites listeners to Luisa’s “green place”—a new age refuge of lush landscapes and verdant soil, an oasis of collaborators and friends in the Los Angeles desert, where she lives and works. “I imagine us all chilling in a rich green ambiance of plants, herbs, birds, lizards… a conjured space to provide a mental and spiritual break from reality,” said Luisa.

Luisa is also a visual artist who produces her own videos and paints immersive environments that draw viewers into her lush, vibrant universe. These aesthetics extend to her sonic palette, evident in the warm analog synths and hymnal vocals that emanate from her music. Luisa also lends her work to further art forms—album opener “Offering” expands on music she produced for sci-fi video game “Jeep Jeep” and “Green Place” is derived from a composition made for contemporary dance artist Kevin Williamson.

Written while grieving the sudden passing of a close friend, Luisa set out to imagine a paradise for ancestors and friends through songs that could very well be heard in a dance floor or a new age wellness center. She chose the color green for its symbolism of growth, renewal, and abundance. “Green is the color of your heart chakra. I gaze inward towards my green place which rules the capacity to love, forgive, sympathize, grieve, give and receive,” Luisa said.


released August 3, 2018

Written, produced & performed by Anna Luisa Petrisko. Co-produced, arranged, and mixed with Peter Hernandez. Mastering by Newman Wolf. Photography by David Park. Vocal sample by Micaela Tobin on “Green Place”. Additional production on “Healing” by Julius Smack. Gavin Gamboa performs piano and Ana Roxanne performs additional vocals on “Be the One”.




Practical Records Los Angeles, California

Practical Records is an independent cassette label. Our mission is to cultivate community and exposure for emergent queer artists from the Bay Area & Los Angeles.

Since 2014, we have released an extensive catalog of music and zines. In addition, we produce concerts and DIY workshops that provide opportunities to interact with Practical Records artists.
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Track Name: Offering
I go ride out on a space jeep
A coconut portal to open new life
An offering to bring new beings to light
Track Name: Mountains Gold Rivers Green (feat. Adee Roberson)
Take my hand
Come with me
Mountains gold
Rivers green
Bluest waves
Darkest caves
Hope you find
Find a way
You can fly

Lift you up
Ancient wings
Look at all the light
You bring

Well into the night
Well into the day
Hope you find
Find a way
You can fly
Track Name: Green Place
Without a warning, Love
I’ve kept you in my green place
I will always remember your face
And when I am listening
I hear the whisperings of your grace
Without a warning she gives
And without a warning she takes
Green Place
Green Space
Track Name: Maintenance In Loving (feat. Ana Roxanne)
Kindness goes a long way
Meadows grow in peaceful lay
Maintenance in Loving
To be honest
You’re most attractive when you’re talking
I love the sound of your voice
You can tell me
Maintenance in Loving
Track Name: Reunion Flowers
How could we be free?
Everything Everybody
Trying you trying me
How could we be free?
I want you to be free
Always looking out for you
I bring you flowers
I bring you words
Through your windows I can see clearly now
Track Name: Dark Paradise
When you hear the jungle
Deep in the dark
In your mind the jungle
Leads you to the stars, the dark


Harmonize with the eyes of the lizard, of the hornbill
Harmonize with the eyes of the dragonflies

Waterfalls down your hair
You have nothing to care
Your breathing is deep
Your senses are sharp
You must feel the dark
Track Name: Healing (feat. Julius Smack)
Faun, in the light
Like gold
I needed it to feel alive
All words in real time

Real life in time
I know it takes time
It feels like real life
I know it takes time

Track Name: Liquid Memory
Angel in green
Come to me
Track Name: The Mystery of Green
In my mind, a lush green paradise.
The eagle cries, sailing through the twilight.
The species rich, run my hands through the moss, ferns, trees
Much larger than me
The mystery of green

Reaching high
Its a dark paradise
I close my eyes and find
If only for one night
The mystery of green
I want to surround myself in green
Track Name: Be the One
Beyond I can’t see past
Beyond I can’t imagine
A brighter life than this
A brighter light than this

Being the silent you look for the sound
Being the lost you look for the found
And when you are the one
Then you’re looking for none
Being the sun the sun
You are you are

Raise you up, Raise you up
If you want me to be the one
I’ll come with the sun

Would you let me be the one?
You are the tides
You are the rays
You are the mist
You are the waves
You are the mass
The most high one
You are the crown
You are the sun

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